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Okay well I finished them and I was glad that I did although my husband would have hated them. I have to say I thought the last couple were a bit disjointed but I was satisfied with the end. In the next to the last one when Kevin was going to an alternative wherever and trying to kill the president or was he the president that was very confusing. The world ended there but obviously it was some parallel world or whatever and I didn't quite understand the purpose of that whole hour. And as far as I'm concerned what happened on the 7 year anniversary was never explained and that sort of irritated me. If anyone can fill me in with their thoughts I would appreciate their opinion. The last hour tied things together well and I really liked it that Kevin and Nora ended up together although it was pretty much unbelievable. So I guess the twist was that in the parallel universe that Nora went to 98% of the people disappeared instead of the 2% so which was reality? Because she went to her street and saw her children that world was just as real as the one that she and Kevin were in.

Were there multiple universes and if so maybe that would explain the show before that where the world was annihilated by the crazy president and Patty.
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