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I was enjoying it until the cop showed up to interrupt Nikki and Emmit. Then I groaned because it became too obvious that Nikki was going to die. Speculation was that Nikki was the one to put the stamp on Emmit's forehead, but why'd she have him drive out there to kill him? And why was Emmit's car miraculously able to start again?

The showdown at the warehouse between Nikki and Varga's crew was cool but I found it hard to believe that Varga was quick and agile enough to escape out of that elevator.

The final scene with Varga and Gloria Burgle could have been great if Varga had actually been a fascinating villain.

Perhaps Varga was meant to demonstrate the absurdity of Good attempting to triumph over Evil. I don't know. I didn't feel like I ever had a good sense of his purpose, then his rambling stories/lies became so annoying that I just started to tune him out.

I really enjoyed Carrie Coon during the first season of The Leftovers but it felt like her talents were wasted here. She seemed like a version of Molly Solverson from Season 1 but I actually cared about Molly.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead was the only one who was able to keep her character fascinating throughout crappy season.
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