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The asshole at the bar is Richard Horne. Audrey's son, is the big speculation...
Interesting. I didn't pay close enough attention to the credits to notice his name, and there weren't any reviews posted last night to help me out. The scene felt relatively random in the context of the rest of the episode but I filed it under Evil-persists-beneath-the-facade-of-a-quaint-town.

I love Shelly. She's so pretty
Madchen Amick has aged quite well. Seemingly the best of all of them we've seen so far.

Is Janey-E even going to pick him up?
Exactly. Perhaps it will be revealed that she has some nefarious motivation and it will start to make a bit of sense. It's now amusing that there was some criticism of Lynch for the rare instance of using an African-American actress as a prostitute but, at this point, she's the most intelligent person in Dougie's orbit.
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