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The quick flashes in the last couple previews kinda invoked Mad Men memories, too.


(Hm. Saw a cool one that put some of those images with that awesome and familiar Badalamenti score under it, but I can't find it now... suppose it was fan-made... well, it worked...)

Big screen premiere (of Parts 1 & 2, I think) Friday night in LA. Critics will still be under an embargo, but some spoilerish things will probably sneak out.

I had friends hot to have a party on Sunday when we got the date, but they've been quiet lately... better send some texts... dunno if I'll be alone or with a group, but either way, I will have coffee, pie, and donuts.

And probably not much in the way of sleep before work Monday morning. Do I dare watch all four hours?...

I do love the sentence 'The stars turn and a time presents itself.'

Who's Who of the new people - http://welcometotwinpeaks.com/news/new-twin-peaks-characters-locations-teaser/

Doesn't identify the lady walking the dog.

Interesting that Kathleen Deming does not appear on the cast list.

Nicole LaLiberte - Ooh. She's lovely. Three episodes of Dexter as an old friend of Hannah's. Hm. Don't remember her. http://dexter.wikia.com/wiki/Arlene_Shram

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