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I liked Eden Sassoon. She's kinda kooky and has her own point of view, and a different connection to the industry. I'd rather they'd gotten rid of Eileen, who comes off as a puppet for LisaR more and more with each passing season. I love Eileen's soap characters but she sucks as a housewife.

Oh well, maybe we'll get an interesting new housewife for next season. Although, Beverly Hills hasn't been very good at integrating new housewives and making them stick.

The only thing I can figure with Bethenny and Ramona is that there is some off-set agreement that the kids aren't to be brought into things in a derogatory manner, which is what Ramona did. I don't think what happened here was worse than LisaR accusing Dorit of doing cocaine with children in her home, though. But then Bethenny is a much bigger bitch than Dorit, so...
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