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There is alot of speculation about what is really up with Ramona. Rumors say she ends up on the outs with everyone by the end of the season. So its either her turn as the villain this season courtesy of production or she really has been drinking too much pino grigio and is just spouting off to stir the pot. Bethenny is a real bitch by all accounts but Ramona approaching her about the movie by using Brynn was pretty out of line. I really like Tinsley a lot so far. Is it just me or does Sonja look COMPLETELY different in her talking heads than she does during the actual scenes? Ramona looks a bit different in some of hers to but with Sonja its very jarring.

In other non surprising news Eden is confirmed to be off RHOBH next season and Phaedra is out in Atl. with Kim and probably Nene both back next season.
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