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Thanks a lot Dax. That really helped. I just watched the second episode.

This is interesting about that guy claiming he can send Nora back to wherever her family is. There is absolutely no proof that anything is happening to these people other than the fact that they are probably being evaporated by radiation. Since the people who departed are probably dead then I guess that is a way to get to be with your friends and relatives but there are cheaper ways.

Sometime to this show has almost the blackest of humor like Nora putting the picture of the guys body who had the heart attack and fell off of the high place he was staying. I could actually see her point in that these people think he was departed and he just had a heart attack and fell on the ground. The other funny thing was her inability to run some of those automatic machines. As far as the parking lot goes I have had things like you had happened to me and I have reacted very similar to her especially if someone is beeping in back of me I usually get out and take a rant at them and then just drive through the damn thing.

So were the crazy women in Australia trying to find Kevin from America or Kevin's dad who came out of the shack?
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