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>> Is Kevin putting the plastic bag over his head to try to die or to prove to himself that he can't?

I think it's... hard to say... you'll see Nora catch him in #2 and he says he always tears it off before, but... we know he COULD 'die' and then come back, so... he doesn't want to die, I don't think. He says so, and I believe he's being truthful, but... that doesn't REALLY explain 'why'... it's a weird ritual, but Nora kinda gets it (and remember, she used to hire people to shoot her...).

>> I can't recall What happened to the the crazy people. Did the church burn down with them in it I just can't remember?

They holed up in the visitors' center. Evie wakes up and talks to Meg for a couple minutes. Noises (peep hole drilling). She goes outside. Everybody's scrambling away. Bomb coming, reflected in Evie's glasses. Boom. They're gone. Then we jump ahead three years.

Kevin and Tommy discuss the cover story vs. reality later (the protesters are right, the government DID kill Meg and her people).

There were more Guilty Remnant than were in the attack on Jarden, but (so far) we haven't seen what became of them three years later.

>> It seems to me that Kevin should have been killed in a number of ways because the fellow did shoot him and then he fell into the water or threw himself into the water and all the sudden the water was gone.

Yeah. It seems as though Kevin can't die. Maybe it's just within Jarden, maybe it's anywhere.

>> Is this the last season?

Yes. This one's only 8 episodes. 10/10/8... 28 total.

>> The other confusing thing to me was the beginning of the show. Why were we saying those people who look like Amish or Puritans and why was the woman being shunned I didn't catch that. At first I thought maybe it was related to Roanoke where the whole colony of people disappeared but that was much earlier in American history.

Sepinwall's review linked to this - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Disappointment It's 1844. Her family loses faith... she keeps trusting. Date of Jesus's return kept getting postponed...

>> The other confusing thing was the ending where we saw a woman who looked like Nora with the white doves or homing pigeons. Is that to be something in the future? I never know if I'm seeing the future the past or an alternative future with his show.

That was a purposeful wtf moment. Looks to be the future, NOT a woman who looks like Nora.

More clues on the women in Australia and their inquiry about Kevin in #2, and the set-up for Nora and Kevin to join Kevin Sr. in Australia, but... why she's older and alone and how much further in the future that last scene in #1 is taking place... we don't know yet.

Because I'm not sure you'll remember this - going into #2... there was an 80s sitcom called Perfect Strangers and 3/4ths of its cast Departed, and the one that didn't faked his Departure because he didn't wanna be left out. He was actually hiding out in Mexico, but the press exposed him as a fake.
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