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It took me a couple tries to get through Part 2 of the BH reunion, and I skipped over most of the Pantygate discussion. I'm not sure why they gave Kim so much airtime but I agree that giving the bunny back made her look bad. And, of course, Rinna's reaction had to be one of adding more fuel to their feud. I felt kinda bad for Eden, as her segment made her look like the brunt of a joke.

Tinsley stepped right into a mess with being friends with Sonja, then. I didn't realize Sonja was so far on the outs with the other ladies but it makes sense with how her scenes are playing. I don't mind small doses of Carol but I agree that she's only there because of her friendship with Bethenny. She brings nothing else to the table and seems more like a social acquaintance than a friend with the other ladies. There was an interesting discussion at the other place about how Ramona is in a weird place this season because she's in a third-wheel position with how the others have buddy-ed up.
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