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Season 3 Main Cast
Kevin, Laurie, Matt, Meg (dies early in #1), Jill, Tommy, Nora, Mary, John, Michael, Erika, Kevin Sr. (last two not in #1).
Out from 2 - Patti.
Promoted up from recurring - Scott Glenn as Kevin's Dad.
Briefly returning from Season 1 in #1 - Dean.
Briefly returning from Season 1 in #2 - Christine.

Three years later. Two weeks prior to the seventh anniversary of the Departure.

What happened to baby Lily? It seems so impossibly cruel that Nora should lose another child.

They got me - I totally thought that was Kevin Sr. in Australia at the end with the birds...



Now from here, I'm going to watch the third season premiere of another show I love... also starring Carrie Coon... very cool to be getting double doses of her for the next couple months...
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