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Kim with the bunny giving it back to Rinna was awkward. Not sure how she wanted that to come off but Kim came off looking petty and bitter. She had the higher ground in her argument with Rinna until then. Rinna looked legit stunned and hurt (ok i know shes an actress lol). Funny segments about Eden and her hugs and how all the ladies greet each other. Not much else.

I somehow missed one of the NY episodes. I've only seen one but I dont even know if it was the premier or the 2nd one. It was the one where Bethenny rudely greeted Tinsley so whichever that was, yeah it was funny. Sonja is basically on the outs with everyone and nobody wanted to film with her so thats why shes the stirrer and they brought Tinsley in to be her puppet. I do like Tinsley so far from what I've seen, she could be a fun addition. Carol bores me to tears. I swear they keep her around just because shes close with Bethenny.

I would love for Uma to take over the spot Sally had. That would be fun.
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