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Yeah I am watching the reunions. You didn't miss anything skipping the first it was all rehash mostly about pantygate. It ended with Erika confronting PK. So probably part 2 will pick up with that and go a while longer on pantygate then switch to Kim vs Rinna again. Part 3 will probably be the only one worth watching.

Atlanta reunion strarted tonight its 4 parts and supposed to be totally crazy and possibly led to one or more of the Atl women not being asked back next season.

As a whole I still really liked Imposters but they lost me a bit over the last few episodes. I will check out season 2 if it gets renewed but they need to reel in the silly, convoluted plot twists. I don't know that Bravo can afford Uma full time but they need to find a way. She was fantastic.
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