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Yes, that was a pretty good episode of ROBH. Gave me fond memories of the dinner with Alison Dubois. Erika's attack on Eileen was a shocker. She wouldn't even listen to reason! LisaR asking Dorit about cocaine was so unnecessary. I really can't stand LisaR at this point but I'll admit that she makes for a good Housewife. Thank god Kyle and her OTT facial expressions. She makes me chuckle.

That Buddha was pretty cool. Probably one of those things you have to see in person to experience the full majesty of it. LVP wanting to add that cow to her collection was amusing.

I'm remaining cautiously optimistic with Imposters for now. I liked that the 3 Broken Hearts were becoming con people to find Maddie but they're pushing it with them becoming a part of the Doctor's crew. I could see it all going off the rails if the show doesn't put a fun spin on it.
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