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I somehow missed your post last week. I also have to wonder how the all knowing 'doctor' doesn't know Patrick is FBI. I think what I was afraid of is happening, its getting way too convoluted. I almost wish they hadnt found her yet. It was more fun watching them trying to figure out the art of the con. So now they are all gonna be a part of the con? They might be losing me on this one. Only 3 more episodes left seems like a short season.

What an episode of Beverly Hills! That was hilarious. Couldn't believe Erika went at Eileen like that...wow (though she did apologize on WWHL with Andy). Loved everyone going at Dorit she bugs me and I love seeing her squirm. Rinna is hysterical, shes a nutjob most of the time but damn she makes me LOL. The scenery is absolutely travel porn, I was sad it rained during the trip to see the Buddha. That view would have been even more stunning in nice weather.
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