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It's that show I like, except now it's without Julianna Margulies and the characters can say 'fuck' and CBS is charging for it...

Strong pilot.

Still bothers me that Kurt cheated on Diane with that little twit, and in the one last year where it was disclosed, the timeline was super-fuzzy (I swear it sounded like it had to have happened before they were even a serious couple...). Anyway, they've been separated for the last year, but Kurt doesn't want a divorce.

The firm's merge with two others - EIGHT name partners - was very funny, as was Diane getting a little taste of her own medicine on the 'exit package already accepted' thing...

Fine first impressions of Barbara and Adrian. And I looooooove Maia...

They didn't say when exactly Lucca left Diane's firm, but she joined Reddick & Boseman four months ago. No mention of Alicia's whereabouts except to say that she didn't join Lucca at this new place.

Opening shot of Diane watching the inauguration... yeah. (They did have to do a last minute re-write... originally... well, you know..)

Christine Baranski -- Diane Lockhart
Rose Leslie -- Maia Rindell
Erica Tazel -- Barbara Kolstad
Sarah Steele -- Marissa Gold (not in #1)
Justin Bartha -- Colin Morrello (not in #1)
with Cush Jumbo -- Lucca Quinn
and Delroy Lindo -- Adrian Boseman

Gary Cole (Kurt McVeigh) gets the 'Special Guest Star' credit.
Jerry Adler (Howard Lyman) and Zach Grenier (David Lee) in #1.

I'll look forward to seeing 2-10 'somehow', someday, but I'm not subscribing to CBS All-Access.

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