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Yeah. Did you?

I posted this the other day in the Watching thread >> Though I'm a little more favorable, I like Sepinwall's review of 24 saying '24's gotta 24'. It is very much the same show that it's always been (in both good and bad ways), but now without Jack and Chloe. It's not great, but it's not awful. It's not boring, but it's not highly engrossing, either, since it deploys all the same narrative twists and tropes that have become very familiar over 15 years and 9 seasons. I expect my interest to perk up considerably when Tony Almeida turns up.

The cast is fine. I like Otto, Bucatinsky, Smits, McRaney...

Hot Terrorist Girl (whoa, I didn't immediately recognize Kathryn Prescott from Skins and Finding Carter, but I should have...) manipulating Pervert Teacher is funny.

Eric dropping his wife off with his dealer brother (also her ex) for protection is funny... and then he needs cash in a hurry, so let's rob a police station... Meanwhile, Rebecca (an ex-CTU head) is tasering the current guy and trying to find out who is The Mole...

It's 24. I like 24.

And yet as much terrorism as there is in this fictional universe, our current reality is MORE frightening... I'd feel safer under another Charles Logan presidency, you know?

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