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I didn't really like The Accountant as much as I had thought I would. I didn't care for Affleck's performance as someone with Asperger's. It just didn't....track well. I think they took the wrong direction with that aspect of the story.

Liked Deep Water Horizon very much. Hubby rented a bunch of movies last night including X-Men Apocalypse, which was well done, considering the genre, although it did jump around quite a bit re: time line which bothered hubby much more than me. I was bothered by.. the implausibility of the science. I know I know I know. And WTF was Rose Byrne doing in that film? Her character served zero purpose except to accidentally set the events leading to the apocalypse in motion and also inexplicably being the love interest of Xavier, I guess to prove he is a straight man who is not a pervert? Who erased all her memories. What a self righteous dick. And who had a daughter but lost her marriage because having a marriage and a demanding career is difficult....but raising a kid on your own while juggling a demanding career is so much easier. Although we didn't see her kid so maybe the kid is with the dad? Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. It DID leave me curious about how the alliance between some of the characters falls apart. No, I am not at all familiar with the canon. I gave up comic books when they bumped the price up to $0.15.
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