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I agree that a lot of actors and actresses are over-used in films. I think it either happens more with actresses or we just notice it more as they have so many fewer roles than do male actors. I thought Lawrence was being cast in too many films, too. I like her in them, but what's wrong with using an actress who is of the appropriate age in films? That was true in Silver Linings Playbook. Also in Joy. I thought she was extremely good in both but why not cast someone who is closer to the age of the character instead of a young actress?

I don't mind a mixed race couple at all but I do mind seeing only young women with a certain look--preferably blonde! cast against middle aged actors. And truly there are very very few instances of women of color being cast as romantic leads.

Hollywood still has a lot of sexism, a lot of ageism, and plenty of racism. Films with mostly female casts are 'chic flicks' but it is extremely common to see all male casts or virtually all male casts and those films are not called dick flicks. Not many Hispanic, Asian or black actors in starring roles still. Much less romantic leads. I cannot think of the last time a black woman was cast as a lead in any film that was not considered a chick flick. Or a 'black' film.
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