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Here's what I hate about Jennifer Lawrence I feel she was shoved down my throat and that's not her fault but it seems there is an actor usually female that is in absolutely everything even though they're miscast in a number of things. She has had way too many parts in way too many movies that she was not right for in my opinion. Another example of that is Jennifer Chastain who was in absolutely everything and now I haven't seen her that much although I think she has settled into some good rolls. Another one is Margot Robbie who was horribly miscast in focus with Will Smith who is twice her age. So we have this young blond woman as a romantic partner to this middle-aged black guy even though Will Smith looks pretty good it was still jarring to me and got on my nerves. So to some degree that's not Jennifer Lawrence or any of these other women's Faults, that they get labeled as an actress that has to be an absolutely everything current even though the roles are not suitable for them or at least someone else could do a much better job. I thought her winning an Academy Award that is Jennifer Lawrence was totally absurd.
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