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Dec 30 2016, 01:35 PM
By the way did you like passengers? I don't know anyone else who has seen it. I like the genre but like I said I don't care for either lead. I know you said it was okay but in what way?
I think it is an interesting premise: One of a large number of colonists on a 120 year journey in suspended animation awakens 30 years into the journey to a new planet they are all set to colonize. That's Chris Pratt, who is reasonably cast as someone with mechanical background. We see the ship moving through space, colliding with a largish (not as big as the ship but big) object and that does damage to the ship. One of the consequences is that Pratt is awakened early from his pod. Because of the process of awakening, with holographic greeters who guide him through the steps/his ship sleeping quarters, etc., he doesn't initially realize that he's the only one awake. It's plausible that his waking up happens this way. But the next morning/sleep cycle, he does realize he shouldn't be awake, realizes it's 90 years until he reaches his destination and he's all alone. He can access food from the cafeteria, there's Sheen as an android bartender who keeps him company a bit but he's lonely. He can access all sorts of luxury entertainment but despite being able to get into some of the ship's systems, there is no way for him to contact earth (it will take 18 years for a message to reach earth and presumably that long to come back. Plus the ship system will charge him.) He's on his own. Eventually, he gets to be a bit of a mess and starts looking at sleeping passengers and is taken with Jennifer Lawrence. He can access her bio info and likes her. He debates with himself and the android over a period of days, maybe weeks and finally decides to waken her. He doesn't tell her it's deliberate, although he plans to, later.

Of course they develop a relationship,
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It isn't ....bad, but it seems like many missed opportunities for more interesting. Even many very wasted moments as far as SFX go.

I like Pratt fine and I like Lawrence very much (if you haven't seen it, see Winter's Bone, which is excellent and almost as good as the book). Sheen was great actually and I dislike him in Masters of Sex (dislike character. Cannot understand what Libby or anyone sees in him. Blech). Pratt and Lawrence work well enough together but no off the wall chemistry. Plausible enough. There's some humor, some drama. But mostly missed opportunities.
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