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Some post Finale quarterbacking and rethinking...

anthonyd46 wrote:
What eliminated Adam for me was he did too many shady things and got NSPV for it from things like looking over at the combo lock, helping ken on the puzzle, the bickering at the FTC thing, the taylor stuff, continually going back to people that burned him, but what finished him off for me was Zeke and his own alliance wanting to vote him out. The idol plays were wrong. He got called unnecessary for one of them. Just didn't get a good impression of him overall he looked too far in over his head sometimes. It was just too messy for me. Has a winner ever had as many N's in their edict chart before? I just can't believe he won 10-0 I thought with his story and 10-0 win he would be shown to look less negative. His edit really rubbed me the wrong way he seemed so into himself at times.

But a lot of those were only negative on a surface level, not in the detail. Everyone looked at the combo lock, and it was presented as Jay's mistake. He told us why he helped Ken, he didn't want Jay or David winning, it backed up his strategy of that episode, it didn't matter if Jay was annoyed by it, and Adam quickly convinced Jay he only did it to stop David winning. I think FTC made Hannah look bad because she was getting defensive and shouting where Adam remained relatively calm. Taylor was a goof, and while this was probably Adam's worst moment, no one was taking Taylor calling Adam an "idiot" seriously when it was coming from Taylor. Zeke and Hannah considered voting him out and called him erratic, but the b-roll always supported Adam, showed him alone or doing camp chores while people were accusing him of turning on them or whatever.

His idol play did get called unnecessary. That wasn't good. But I guess it was more to set up that Will took control to set up his boot.

so where does this season rank in terms of edgically shocking winners?

Edgically shocking winners ? Danni. Bob. Nat W. Tony.

This season ? Not really. Ken was the edgic fave going into the merge. Once he disappeared for several episodes and thereby out of contention, edgicers had to look around to see which flawed journey edit to back - David, Adam, Zeke, Hannah {snort}. Around this time, Adam was receiving all sorts of NSPV from all sorts of players and so was dismissed edgically.

Why David then ? For me, I blame the Tony (winning) edit. smiley: tongue It showed that an overly visible, warts and all type edit is now possibly a winning edit. And we weren't the only site to miss out on the winner - pretty much everyone had David winning this season so we were all fooled.

Pretty much exactly this. By the end of the premerge, my most prominent contenders were Ken, Michelle, Michaela, and Adam. Two were eliminated back to back, while Ken started going invisible, and Adam started getting hammered with NSPV that I thought disqualified him. So I pretty much just reshuffled the deck and brought in some other contenders that I had mostly written off for being journey edits (namely, David, Hannah, Zeke) and mostly worked with those + Jay once his edit began to recover.

I think most people followed a relatively similar pattern - I saw Adam on a lot of lists here premerge, but between the other contenders dying off and Adam's edit going south around the middle, a good chunk of us really just reshuffled the deck and looked for a viable journey edit, and David's edit wasn't terribly different than Tony's with a journey aspect.

But at the very least, Adam's edit getting a lot of premerge support makes him a little less surprising than some others. I didn't do Edgic back in Gabon, but from what I've seen, Bob takes the cake by far. Tony was a pretty big shock too - he got a tiny bit of support at points but IIRC the Tony movement almost never had any serious momentum and, funnily enough, almost everyone else who went reasonably far (Woo, Kass, Spencer, Trish, Tasha, LJ) had a solid amount of support at some point or another.

Do we really need to justify why Adam's edit was actually good when it wasn't? It's like saying he played a strong game. He played a winning game and got to the end with two people he could beat. He's a very flawed winner. Middle of the pack at best, relying on a ton of luck, and seemed far less in control of the endgame than Hannah was. At the start of the game he was blindsided at the only vote he attended and was on the chopping block to go next. Thanks to a LUCKY swap mixture he was able to flip things around for himself, but even at the merge it's all so dedicated to how Adam is overplaying and making himself a target. Poor start, middle, and end, the bright spots don't erase the negatives. Had he not found that idol at F5, why hide an idol at f5?, he was even the one shown to be getting the votes that night to leave until he mistakenly told Hannah about his idol and they blindsided him by doing Bret. He even misplayed that idol. He stumbled into the end. He may have had ideas and plans to get there with the two he got there with, but he didn't steer the ship, he survived the wreckage. Even the final vote to take out David is edited to give Hannah the credit and make Chris and the jury look obtuse for thinking Adam played the bigger part in it. Maybe he did, but that's not what we were shown.
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