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so much so that the Game Changer crew supposedly have been sequestered individually rather than going to Loser Lodge as a group because Survivor doesn't like how the jury is being manipulated by certain players.
Isn't jury members influencing each other a part of the social aspect of the game? You vote of the very people who hold your fate of winning and losing in their hands? Not that individual sequester is a terrible idea.

I hadn't heard that Zeke was badmouthing Hannah. I'm a little disappointed in him, though it felt like this group held loyalty in a higher regard than in some other seasons.

I like the idea of the Edgic people trying to figure out where they went wrong. Keep people on their toes, lol.

There was a faint voice in my head that told me Adam could win with the story about his mother in the episode in which he told Jay, but I'd enjoyed the season enough at that point that I didn't want to ruin it by entertaining the possibility.
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