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Sandra's being given the chance to be a three time winner. I actually suspect that some of them are at the point they get paid a big stipend and are "guaranteed to get off early." I dunno though, survivor is much more competitive than BB.

Adam - Any thoughts or feelings about his edit?

Yeah, general consensus is his edit sucked a LOT. Because he didn't give them much to work with. He actually got a LOT of NSPV, which is unusual for a winner, especially midgame. He also contradicted himself or was "wrong" on a lot of things (says something, proven wrong by the action or event), and at the final TC it was actually brought up how often he was on the wrong side of the vote - the person he voted for was NOT booted that episode. It's also pretty clear now that Hannah's edit was deliberately sandbagged, meaning her good moments not shown or downplayed (or just enough to make her story make sense) while her bad moments highlighted, in order to make sure she wasn't seen as a deserving winner against Adam. The general consensus is that his "story" was such a great plot (gag) that they didn't need to work hard to build up his game skills, or hide his flaws much.

The edgic folks are busy trying to find out where they went wrong in analysis - was Adam's edit "unique" and needs a template developed as a possible future winner type...or did they miss clues? One big one, I think, is that edgic's mantra is that the clues to the game's finish are in the PREMERGE episodes. Adam was the only person premerge to explain WHY he wanted to win so much in a confessional. Everyone else was (edited as) only discussing what they would learn, or wanting to get farther. Even David never directly discussed his goal as winning the game (or probably did and it wasn't shown) but instead was always focused on the next move, the next TC. That's not the winner edit.

The truth is that Adam won due to a lot of luck, Ken's voting off David, and Zeke's bitter campaign in the jury to taint hannah. he apparently worked really hard to badmouth her, so much so that the Game Changer crew supposedly have been sequestered individually rather than going to Loser Lodge as a group because Survivor doesn't like how the jury is being manipulated by certain players. I wonder if that's true.
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