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Will be interested to see if they do one in the spring...

I haven't heard anything yet and everything in the finale and interviews with Julie and the producers was "see you next summer for BB19" so I dont think we will have a spring version. Everyone is very high on the concept though so depending on the subscriber numbers it wouldn't surprise me if they do it again next fall. I did see a few weeks ago that CBS All-Access was now in the top 10 of streaming services but I dont know where they were before so not sure if it was a big jump or not.

So... okay-to-good cast, obviously limited budget, lots of fan wars, too much power to the audience, fatigue from you with the back-to-back...? They SHOULDN'T do this all the time, right? More franchise-diluting than building, correct?

Yes on all counts. Very good cast. It was a fun change of pace but all the time would be too much. If they started it in say January rather than right after the summer show it would help with the fatigue factor but then it would lose the lead in and hype of the hardcore BB crowd. It was different enough that I dont think it diluted the franchise too much but definitely didnt build it either.

If there's only one in-between, I'm good with referring to OTT as '18.5', but if they do a spring one, that gets complicated... 18.5.1 and 18.5.2?...

18.5 works.

I forgot to mention the finale was well produced. It was done like a regular live BB finale with Julie and the live audience. In alot of ways it was better though because the final pleas were already done and no jury questions left more time to chat with prior evictees and more fun recap clips. We got a DR highlight reel which was quite funny. Chenbot even cussed which was hilarious.
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