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Cue the sappy music and the waterworks! My eyes did water a bit, though, because I'd read that Adam's mother passed away shortly after filming the season.

Has it ever been discussed what the average number of days is for the Survivors to get to this point of being highly emotional at the sight of loved ones from home? Would it happen after only 15 days? Do the producers ever discuss how long it takes for them to start to breakdown mentally in different ways?

Gosh, Ken, way to be a big baby over your name being brought up! I did chuckle when Will talked about how working with Ken wasn't any fun. Maybe that's why the editors haven't show us much of Ken? It gets old hearing people talk about honor and integrity when they're playing Survivor.

It was fun that Adam played his idol, though it was unnecessary in the end. Poor Will. But honestly, Zeke was a more interesting player to me than Hannah.
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