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Nov 29 2016, 09:54 PM
And you can't tell me an immigrant has ever taken a white person's job away because these jobs go unfilled unless an immigrant takes them. Oldest city nursing home assistant jobs are immigrant Filipinos or Mexicans. White people would rather collect welfare than take these jobs.
First of all, plenty of immigrants are white. For instance, my great grandparents were white. For another, most immigrants are actually Christian, rather than Muslim. And frankly, when I worked with people from the mid-east, almost all of them would have been astonished to learn they were not considered white.

Secondly, sure, there are plenty of roofing crews and gardening/janitorial crews in my area which are Hispanic. And plenty which are white. The Hispanic crews generally beat out the competition because they are cheaper.

Most of the immigrants in my area are Hmong (but that was mostly from 20+ years ago) and now Somali. For the most part, the initial waves take no one's jobs. They don't (yet) have the language skills or the cultural skills to fit in well enough to take those jobs. Most of the Somalis are in the larger cities but not all. A good number work in my building, actually, doing work that requires only a high school education. Within my work unit (<30 people) my boss is Chinese American by way of Canada, another person who has a small degree of supervisory authority over me is also Chinese as was a former co-worker. The current co-worker actually holds a Ph.D. but is working the same job that someone who only had a BS held before because frankly, it's hard to find work as a Ph.D. and generally, the pay isn't that good. The former co-worker was an MD (degree from China), doing the work that I am doing with my BS. I'm not sure why he never moved to get an American MD but in his case, suspect his language skills held him back. Nice guy but extremely thick accent after many years in the US. And I'm good with accents! Also work with a guy from Ethiopia (Christian) and have worked with a German woman (bat shit insane), and someone from Viet Nam (naturalized). This is within my very small work unit. And sure, if they weren't doing those jobs, a 'white' person or at least an American would be doing those jobs. Did those jobs before they were hired and will do them again when the current workers move on. Looking at the labs near me I see a number of people in jobs similar to mine who are Asian (foreign born)--mostly SE Asian, from various Middle Eastern countries and from a handful of African countries.

Plenty of (white) Americans working right along side them in similar jobs. VERY few American born blacks. VERY few. Like maybe 3 or 4 that I see, out of >1000 people in my building.

For a while, the cleaning crew was hired from outside the system because: they were supposed to be cheaper. Most of them were Hispanic. Now, they are all Mayo employees and most of them are white. Not a coincidence.

Across the river in WI is a large chicken processing plant, with the workers being mostly Hispanic. The work is hard and frankly disgusting and the pay is low but they aren't in much position to argue for better work conditions or better pay. (White)Americans used to do most of those jobs but it turns out you can hire someone from south of the border looking to make some money to send back home for less than you can an American.

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