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Because: 1. It is almost always the case that whichever party has been in power for 8 years is usually voted out. 2. The truth is that the dems have ignored rural America in favor of counting urbanites. The truth is the needs and concerns are not that disparate. But the perception is that they are much more different than they are. 3. The (small but noticeable) influx of people from different cultures, who look different and talk different and practice weird religions get to s of attention and help and often take jobs at lower wages and worse working conditions, putting additional stress on people looking for a way to support their families but who now are underbid for those jobs. Since the days of the shrub, at least, there has been a near constant stream of fear mongering ( thanks Rupert Murdoch-- talk about outside interference!), and a concerted effort to dismantle public education, plus drugs! And you get a population that is terrified of losing what little remains of their way of life.

Besides, you cannot convince me that the ladies at the gym are not more racist and more classist and less tolerant for all their privilege and big city says.
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