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Krystal, you are wrong. Rural people are no more likely than urban people to be racist. What has been a huge destabilizing issue in rural areas is the growth of big agribusiness, factory farms and also the decline of manufacturing and blue collar work.

As family farming has declined, smaller cities have also declined. The tax base is shrinking and it is more and more difficult for towns to provide decent quality services. And part of this is that wages have stagnated and declined. My small city is the county seat and there is not a decent place to eat a nice dinner or to buy non-casual not low end clothing. Our only bookstore closed. Well there is one which sells used books. And we are a university town! With a university, pseudo university and a tech school! Plenty of bars and tattoo parlors, though. Nearest town of any size is 30 miles away. You cannot buy decent furniture in town. It broke my heart to buy my range and hood out of town--and my fridge. Was able to buy dishwasher in row which is good because they service locally. If you want cheap crap, we've got a nice big Walmart sold to us as a good way to attract good paying jobs. Not. Instead it draws a lot of police time and efforts.
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