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Yeah. Both things true, and I'd heard that about Patterson and Graham during the run (which seemed odd, since their onscreen chemistry was really good...). Still, I always got a positive-ish vibe from her when she'd do an interview here and there (which I guess wasn't often, but...), I thought she seemed like a cool lady. Apparently, she's a diva in all caps, and almost everybody doesn't enjoy working with her (I guess boyfriend Krause must be an obvious exception, and maybe things were different at Parenthood than GG... she and Whitman appear to have gotten along better than she and Bledel, too..), such that it's REALLY impressive that this thing was able to come together...

Nothing to link to, though I did skim through a tabloid in a store the other day that said a lot of the same things I've heard, though it was maybe a little kinder...
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