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Not peeking above. Dropping by to say that I checked out some old reviews and thread discussions on various sites while rewatching. I never followed the show online "live" like I would today.

I did NOT know that there is a strong anti ASP/GG faction who despise the "sex is bad" theme running thru the show. But once it was pointed out, ho boy is it ever a subtext, and makes me increasingly turned off by a lot of the conflicts/plots. The mini-arc where Paris has sex for the first time, then finds out she didn't get into Harvard, then falls apart on C-Span... yikes. Such a trope I didn't expect on GG, and the fact that I didn't notice it the first time around makes me realize just how far we have NOT come, and how unreconstructed I am at my subconscious core.

If the scenes were written with the intent of highlighting a real world issue, then fine. But these scenes seem to literally buy-in to that mentality. Lorelai literally says with a smirk to herself, "I have the good girl." when she overhears Rory tell Paris she is a virgin, after Paris says she has lost her virginity to Jamie, the Princeton guy.

GG is NOT holding up well for me on rewatch, even after skipping the binge-every episode approach and now only watching the "best of each season." It's moving into the 2nd tier - ambitious, with strong quality markers, but very flawed,.
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