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I don't think--and didn't say that they were idiots. I am sure they intended their Stars Hollow to be an homage to the beautiful small towns in New Englad. But it is so clear to me that all their time in small towns was spent at some quaint and expensive B&B. which is fine: Newhart did that show and while I thought Larry and the Darryls were funny, they were clearly caracatures broadly drawn. And worked. In large part because Bob and Joanna were obviously outsiders and somewhat out of their element. Gomer and Goober and even Barney were pretty broadly drawn as well. but my complaint isn't with any of the characters at all.

Stars Hollow seemed to be completely drawn from a big city outsider's postcards of the place. By people who would die if they actually had to spend a week there. But had a fun time she they did that thing that time..

My complaints are more political than theatrical. Small towns are genuinely struggling and so are their people who don't have the option of appealing to fabulously wealthy parents but instead work for wealthy people who got that way by screwing over their workers and undermining public education to ensure a steady stream of workers with a mediocre education and low self esteem and no real shot at better unless they sever all ties--abandon family and the good things about where they grew up. If Stars Hollow had been remote realistic, the bar would t have been secret but would have had a cousin on every third corner.
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