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I never watched The Gilmore Girls or any of the shows that Dax listed, so I couldn't call him at all out there reality or lack of it. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh butt Pittsburgh really didn't have a downtown area but families lived in and in fact still doesn't. I think some young hipsters are moving downtown certainly KMI could tell us better but even though Pittsburgh was depressed when I was in dental school it had great museums and theaters because of the money that the big industrial families had built. So there was access to theater and museums and the food was very good there because I ethnic people love good food.

When I agreed to move to Chicago I told my husband to be that there is no way I would live in the suburbs there because we were both going to be having careers downtown and the suburbs in my opinion were rather conservative compared to the city which was very liberal. Plus I wanted to do all the things that downtown offered the theaters and museums the art shows and everything plus I really do like my restaurants and I have like an occasional very high in place but I also value inexpensive ethnic food. Chicago is a place of neighborhoods and I loved our neighborhood it was kind of like a small town and the neighbors knew one another and watched out for one another and if somebody seedy came into the neighborhood people would call one another.. the neighborhood was extremely mixed with blacks whites case Asians everybody living together and I never felt that anybody was prejudiced against anybody else and people mixed in socially all the time.

Where we live now is a small town but since it is adjacent to Scottsdale you can go to Scottsdale for fun down here and some shows Etc. However the whole state of Arizona is much more conservative and the food in the valley isn't even as good as Pittsburgh let alone Chicago. We thought of moving out of here a couple years ago I was thinking of Tucson because it is more liberal but since I am involved with a cat shelter i am ok staying here. But I have to say I do all my shopping and we go into Scottsdale to eat a hundred percent of the time. We barely know the neighbors here we have had a drink with one or the other but they're mostly conservative and I really don't feel comfortable with them nor do I want to be friends with them.

TGIr, I know what you mean about people coming to a small town especially small towns outside of big cities where the big city people come and talk down to the people who live there year-round. It's different here though winter snow birds don't tend to do that because the people here have plenty of money and exact a lot of the snowbirds don't. The big buck people come into Scottsdale and do the car shows and the golf tournament spot they never come to Fountain Hills. And I really noticed but none of them seem to be snobby with a downtown Scottsdale shopkeepers or anything. As far as small towns go I never had an urge to go outside of Chicago when I live there except to get on a plane and go somewhere altogether different. I have no urge to drive to some more areas and look at Kyle's or any other thing or sit on a horse I just am not interested in that type of thing at all. We chose to live where we do because of a fabulous views and natural beauty and yet we are only 15 minutes from the edge of Scottsdale and 25 - what would be considered really good dining if I wasn't such a Chicago dining snob.

All of Pittsburgh is kind of weird because of the hills and the valleys and when we would visit there I would get my fill of trees and Riverside cetera which I kind of miss but not enough to move back.
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