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The revivals so far

Arrested Development Season 4 - Mostly thumbs up. The cast rarely being able to share scenes together certainly hurt, but there were more than enough positive things to have made the thing worthwhile to me. I do hope there's more, but, you know, WITH them together, not as separate as they had to be in Season 4.

Veronica Mars, the Kickstarter movie. Mostly thumbs up... was really happy to see it happen, was maybe a little disappointed in the result... haven't read the post-movie tie-in novels yet.

24 Season 9 (half the length, subtitled 'Live Another Day' in ads) - Thumbs up. It was the same show, but ended with an as-unsatisfying 'cliffhanger' of sorts as Season 8 did, so... bummer. Upcoming semi-spin-off looks good, even though Luke's friend isn't in it. I hope it works.

Star Wars Episode 7, impending Rogue One, Episode 8, Young Han Solo solo, Episode 9, etc. ... While not a tv series, this is a serial thought finished that is back in a big, big way, that will likely dominate movie theaters every Christmas and some summers for the next ten or twenty or more years (and I'm sure there WILL be a tv show, too, at some point)... I liked the first one a lot. Yeah, it's not perfect, but I'm comfortable in saying that it IS 'good', and that's not just the 'member berries infecting me...

Wet Hot American Summer - I haven't watched The First Day of Camp yet, but I'm anxious to... Dad was in the hospital when it dropped, and... I just somehow never got around to... anyway. I expect to like it, and look forward to the sequel mini-series.

Full House - I wasn't a fan. That one wasn't for me.

The X-Files Season 10 - Mostly thumbs down. One great episode, two okay ones, three really lousy ones.

Gilmore Girls (Season 8): A Year in the Life made me happy.

Twin Peaks Season 3 - Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait... (looking as though we might get a release date just after Christmas...)

None of these things would I recommend to anybody as a jump-on point, if they were not already a fan of these things.
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