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The positive - The revival perfectly recaptured the same tone, feeling, characters and their voices... it was the same show, with a nine year hiatus. I was very pleased to spend another four episodes (or six-plus hours, or the running time of eight-plus 'hour-long' episodes) in this charming world. I didn't want to read spoilers AND I was anxious, so I gobbled this up in about a twelve hour span, probably the fastest I've ever done a Netflix offering in its entirety.

Negative - The principals' major character arcs are not fully realized, and they might have been better achieved if they hadn't been compressing a year's worth of story into six hours. Not every bit of comedy works (and didn't on the original show, either, even loving it as I did..). Some of the small cameos are more distracting than they are fun. I wanted more of some things and less of other things, but overall...

I'm satisfied. I do co-sign on most of Sepinwall's reviews (both the non-spoiler and spoiler ones).

These characters always fight really well. Their words always have a lot of emotion, even though they (almost always) never resort to the cliche of saying 'I love you' to one another.


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... I might be done... probably forgot a few things I was gonna say, but I'm pretty sure that's most of it...
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