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The conversion to sewer would have happened long before Lorelai's time. The fact that it's mentioned in this run is condescension. It's not cute/funny and it's the writers who are idiots.

I understand it's supposed to be a love letter. But it's condescending. In the extreme. The fact that it's so condescending and supposed to be a love letter is pretty offensive.

Small towns are not picture postcards of colorful locals and local color and scenery. And this is written by someone who lives in a town where someone is called Steve the Pirate because this grown--middle aged man! dresses in very colorful monochromatic pirate costumes. Every damn day. He's also a not very nice person but he's oh, so colorful! Everybody knows who you are talking about when you say Steve the Pirate, just as everyone knew who you were talking about when you talked about the crazy excommunicated nun who rode around town on her bicycle with a huge sign on the back, elucidating all of her top conspiracy theories. And then she died and the town mourned and forgot about her. Oh, and my dogs are also local color, with their photos snapped by countless students and prospective students and visiting families. Photos seen round the world--even in newspapers, actually. We are stopped by new students who tell about hearing about them from their older cousin/sibling/neighbor who went to school here. How cute.

And why would Lorelai need to go out to the Pacific trail when she's got perfectly good--and as challenging--trails much closer. I mean: really.
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