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Dax, please do try to find time to write up your thoughts on this reunion show.

Here's the part where I kind of ....poop all over the show. Not the characters: I liked them, for the most part, although Michel is just a big bore, imo. And Logan and his friends made me want to barf continually. What a bunch of baby Trumpettes. Ugh. Now I need another shower.

Keep in mind that I didn't watch most of Gilmore Girls during its run and I didn't binge or even selectively sample from archived episodes. I mostly watched the 4 seasons with some basic background: I knew who characters were, knew backstories (mostly). Please don't hate me:

I really really take exception to the way they treated Stars Hollow as a town, especially the notion that Stars Hollow would still be on a septic system. No way. That would not happen. Also the Mayor talking about the itsy bitsy things that the town's budget carries. No. Just not possible. No way no how. That town needs money to pay for streets and lights and water and sewage (no septic!), policing! licencing, dozens and dozens of bureaucratic infrastructure that no town can function without.

Why does it matter? Bear with me, I'm about to go all political.

Reading about election results and the Great Divide between urban vs rural areas, I have to say that I can understand why rural areas--which truly are more like a combination of rural plus small towns and cities--are pissed off. The condescension was palpable--and deeply offensive. And this is just one show.

Reality is that people in rural areas and small towns and cities are generally very decent, hard working INTELLIGENT and YES: EDUCATED! Informed! people who choose their place of residence for hundreds of reasons which are as valid as the reasons that urbanites and suburbanites choose their places of residence. Generally, jobs are less plentiful and pay far less. Some cost of living is much less but when we moved from a large metropolitan area to a small city surrounded by farm land, a river valley, bluffs and prairies, I was shocked that only houses --and labor from people such as plumbers--were less expensive. Groceries were much more expensive. Clothing, toys, books: all much more expensive plus I had to travel a good ways to find a far less expansive selection. That's just the starters. Because I live in a college town, it's relatively diverse but the truth is that all of rural America is much more diverse than it was when I was growing up surrounded by farm land.

Cute picturesque small towns and rural areas exist for more than to give city folk a break from their oh so busy oh so important sophisticated, on trend urban lifestyles. Y'all are completely generic and forgettable and the dollars you deign to drop in our communities don't go nearly as far as you think they do. BTW, written as someone who loves to vacation on the North Shore and in the Arrowhead parts of my state, where tourist dollars are necessary but there is a constant battle between the low paying/relatively low damage to the environment tourist dollars and the better paying jobs that also hurt the environment but can actually support a family without the need to insert your tongue in the ass of the snob who is deigning to frequent your establishment.
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