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Yeah I feared Americas voting would be bad but this reached whole new levels of bad. Only 2 HOHs got out people they wanted out. Every other time America served up a nominee to the opposite side of the house to vote out resulting in many HOH winners sending home their closest allies. It was mildly amusing the first couple weeks then just became annoying.

The live DRs were not exactly normal style, it was just reading a set of questions off a prompter then answering them. They all got the same questions. Then whatever time was left they could fill with whatever they wanted to say. It was nice in the respect that they werent being led to say things as in normal BB but with few exceptions they just used each question to push their voting agendas to America.

Casting people were different this time since Robyn Kass who does regular BB was busy doing casting for BB Canada while this was being done. A guy did it this time, a few hamsters mentioned his name but I didnt make a mental note of it at the time. I do suspect there was some overlap though because at least 3 of the OTT cast were alternates for BB18. Of course Jason is also a Kass find.

Only 2 related hamsters and nobody knew. They did tell one girl when it was clear one of the sisters was going home but she was their closest ally so she kept the secret. The sister remaining in the house attempted to tell someone else to build trust but that person just laughed it off and thought it was a lie and never repeated it.

No Julie didnt host evictions. She would occasionally pop up in taped messages to tell them game stuff (there will be a DE, America will vote for winner/nom/hn etc) The only thing she did live was a 5 minute Q&A with the hgs on the day after the evictions. The only one that was remotely interesting was when she told them who won the election, the rest were just fluff bits. She also did a sit down interview with the evictees the day after but I never even watched any of those because the interviews done by others were usually posted first. The hamsters were pretty much left on their own for evictions. The HOH was given cue cards by the DR and prompted when to read them. Evictees just walked out into the dark hallway and disappeared. No walking out on stage, no audience. HOH comp questions were read by production for Q&As and in individual comps they were prepped in DR then given cue cards to read aloud before starting their turn so viewers knew the rules. Same for veto comps.

Its also very funny that they all went straight home and jumped on social media. That has actually been one of the more interesting things is getting that immediate reaction rather than them having all that cool off time in jury. Quite a bit of bitterness and snark left over with this bunch.
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