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Russell marked a new era in survivor editing, and some blame him for the trend to bad editing overall, though there was a course correction eventually somewhere around One World with Kim. In general, Jeff has way more control over the show as a producer than he did in the early years, and I think that while he does think like Mark Burnett in some ways, he's much more intrigued by the "big moves" and alpha males than the actual gameplay. There are season where entire alliances and strategies have been left on the cutting room floor if they could spin a story around a "hero edit" winner. Apparently, that was especially true in JT's season, when Fishbach's play (and play by others) was minimized given JTs crushing win.

Natalie's big move was making sure she wasn't a threat to Russell - so he would take her to the end. Remember, from the editor's POV, they KNOW Russell loses, but instead of showing Natalie's skill at manipulating players behind the scene, particularly Russell, while egging on the internal conflicts with the other alliance post merge (can't remember them, but they were dominant at the beginning) they actually DOWNPLAYED Russell's asshattery in comparison to how bad he really was. Which is why a great many, maybe even a majority of fans, thought he would win. He still has a LOT of support as the player "cheated" out of his deserved win. Bollocks I say. :P So, in one sense, she rode his coattails to the end, but in another sense, she was smart to see the flaws in his game and skillfully play on them while also keeping in his good graces. I think in another season, she might have shown some superb alliance building skills, a la Kim Spradlin, given her successful navigation of the Russell season.

If I were a sociologist/media analyst, I would push to have the full 39 days of film for analysis for a few seasons and really dig into the actual group dynamics, with a side focus on how the editors pick and choose stuff given their POV in hindsight knowing the winner.
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