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Ok so I know nobody else is watching this but I thought I'd give my impressions on this little experiment since we are now down to the end.

Way too much voting by America hurt the game a lot. It might have been ok with one or two voting elements but not 4 every week (nom, eviction vote, have-nots and care packages) it was overkill. It affected the strategies of the players in major ways and not good ones. It also kept the house divided the whole season and turned most of the BB fan sites into war zones.

Whoever did the casting this time did a really good job. I would have loved to see this cast on a normal season. They turned out to be a pretty fun group. We need this casting person for BB19.

The "sister twist" was a giant bust since nobody figured it out. The last sister remaining finally told the other 3 people left in the house this week and after 30 mins. or so of questions nobody really cared anymore.

There was no budget for this. It has come to be known as BBBudget rather than BBOTT to both houseguests and fans. It reminds me of very early seasons in that respect but after being used to big comp builds and higher production value it was a bit of a letdown.

Live DRs were good in the beginning but quickly turned into begging and pandering to America sessions because of the previously mentioned overkill Americas votes.

Loved the live comps, though sometimes they took forever. I now understand why we get such extended fish for some comps on regular seasons. The comps REALLY do take that long sometimes. Button boy isnt just napping lol. The night of the DE it took 12 hours (no joke) start to finish, then it still wasnt finished due to technical issues and had to be rerun the next night to determine the 2nd HOH.

Also I greatly appreciated the no sleeping during the day rule. Though most of them still found ways to sneak in naps it was much better than normal. Also the lack of fish was a very welcome improvement. I dont even know what most of the fish look like now thats how little we saw of them.

If they do this again, it needs a host. The little taped bits from Julie they did this time were just silly. It worked much better when they had the guest hosts (Jeff, Paul, Rachel) to keep things moving smoothly. They could let a past hg host this and it wouldnt hurt Julies standing as the BB host, imo.

So this season will end on Thursday and I fully expect Jason to be crowned the winner (because, Americas vote). He actually did play a decent game but he had a lot of help getting there. He probably played the best game of those left but my vote will go to Justin simply for entertainment value. The other 2 girls left have pretty much zero chance except for those who are voting anyone but Jason based solely on the fact they supported they opposite side of the house and felt the fix was in for Jason all along (it kinda was).

Overall I give BBOTT a solid C+/B- it had enough good points to make it worthwhile and with a few tweaks it could be a very viable model going forward if they wanted to get use out of the house and staff for more than a few months per year.

I will be happy to be done with BB for awhile. 5+ months straight of feed watching is wayyyy too much.
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