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Well, I know they ALL say this-n-that got left out, showing why they were awesome or not. But the one who comes to mind is Sophie, who was really disliked and only lost because of Coach's missteps. That whole season is a good look at a "Why X Lost" edit.


Parvati got a very kind edit that made her look like she was a much better player than she was. Between the late game medivac, and the sudden 3-way to 2 way finale that cut Cirie from the finale, she's good but not the goddess player some fanbois like to call her. (imo :P )

I would actually like to see some analysis of this after tempers have cooled, etc. A lot of what we read is "current-while-airing" such as the boot of the week interviewing, and so I think there's still some hard feelings.


A good list I mostly agree with.
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