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I thought this was a good post (from Maddog03) showing the traditional edgic analysis of the remaining castaways, and why so many still think Ken wins.

I dunno.

I'll follow up with a defense of David's very odd editing as the first winner with a) a journey edit b) blatant contradictions shown of his gameplay - most recently - being shown, and not shielded, from being wrong about the Hannah/Ken idol use.

... Ken hasn't gotten any edit content that a winner would NOT have gotten. Like everything is consistent with a winner's edit. The only thing that takes away from Ken being the winner is absence, lack... but everything Ken HAS received has been winner-esque.

In fact, Ken is the only person in the game that has gotten winner content that 100% a winner would get. Nothing about Ken's edit do we say, "Oh they wouldn't have shown Ken saying x, y, z if he were the winner. But all other 8 contestants have said things winners wouldn't say.

Adam -- too much to count from the past 2 or 3 episodes.

"I wake up in the middle of the night and I see Taylor sneaking some food, so I decided it's an opportunity to build trust with him...if I can convince him to vote my way, then I've got control of this game." (33x07) Adam would have not said this and then subsequently failed to build trust with him. The editors would have manipulated it in a non-damaging way.

Adam wouldn't have said the folliowing at the merge if he won."I made the merge... this is the point of the game where alliances and loyalties are really tested, and the really great players get separated from the mediocre players. And I hope that I'm in the former group." (33x07) He says this and then the rest of the episode discredits Adam as not being in the "former group".


"I believe David has an idol, even though he claims he does not, and that makes me very nervous." (33x01) Bret wouldn't be shown saying this if he won. He says he believes David has an idol and yet David doesn't. The editors would never show the winner having an incorrect read like that in episode 1.


Too much visibility in the first 5 episodes (Not impossible but no winner has ever had that much visibility at the beginning ofthe game for that long without a break)

"I’m at the mercy of my tribemates." (33x01) wasn't a great confessional to have in episode 1.

David probably wouldn't have said this if he won: "I feel so guilty saying this, and I’m glad Paul didn’t have a heart attack, but honestly, when he-- when he went down, I thought, 'This might be a good thing for me.'" (33x02)

David wouldn't have said this probably if he won: "I played an idol tonight, but I don’t know that playing that idol was the right move because I saved someone who nobody really wants to work with, and now I don’t have an idol, and I’m incredibly vulnerable." (33x05) Why would the editors show David showing this side of regret if he won?


"When you look at the group, I started noticing that there really has been this sort of division between, like, the high school cool kids and the sort of weirdo nerds. Cool kids versus misfits and I do feel like the misfits seem like they’re going to be on the outs. So I need now to squash that in the bud." Hannah probably wouldn't have said this if she won and then subsequently in the next epsiode voted with the "cool kids" against a misfit Mari.


"Figgy’s going home. And it sucks because I had Figgy and Taylor in the trifecta, okay? And we were gonna make things happen. Unless something happens and things go crazy, which they usually do, my alliance is gone." (33x02) Jay probably wouldn't have said this if he won. This confessional showed that Jay was not in control of his game at this point. Michelle had to pop out of the clouds to wake Jay back up and realize a game was going on. And she's already out. So that's a terrible sign.

Jay wouldn't have been shown failing at making fire if he won. "So we wake up this morning. We don’t have a fire yet, and I’m starving and I’m thirsty. I’m trying to use this flint. I’m exhausted. I’m trying. I’m trying. It just does not work for me and I don’t understand why. And I’m just losing all hope and I’m like, 'You know what? Forget this.'" (33x05​

Jay wouldn't have said this in the merge episode if he won: "But then I also got in my pocket... Will and Hannah, and I'm pretty sure Bret and Sunday... I'm the kingpin, but no one knows, and I want to keep it that way" (33x08). Tribal Council in that episode showed that Jay is definitely NOT the kingpin. Michelle was voted out, and Jay came to realize he was on the outs.

Jay probably wouldn't have been shown making a personal remark about Adam, calling him an "asshole" if Jay won.


Sunday wouln't have been shown saying: "I went to the well with Chris and Bret. We basically talked about sticking to our alliance of six. So what we have on the docket for tonight is to vote out CeCe. Voting CeCe out to keep the tribe strong is a good thing to do. She has not done well in challenges. I can’t argue it at all" (33x03). She says this.and then she subsequently votes Paul out. This confessional was completely unnecessary if Sunday were the winner. She says voting out Cece is best for her game and then doesn't do what's best for her?


Will probably wouldn't have gotten a confessional explaining why he ate food (at the immunity challenge Ken won) if he won the game. It gives him unnecessary attention.

Also, let's face it. Will isn't winning the game.


Zeke wouldn't have said the following if he won in the second episode: "We lost today’s Immunity Challenge, but, you know, I’m a little bit tickled to be going to Tribal Council. I came to vote people out, and I came to win a million dollars, and I… I want to get started. Figgy’s in the hot seat right now." (33x02). He is then subsequently blindsided as Mari goe​s out.

Hannah referred to Zeke as arrogant and condescending in a confessional this past episode.

Zeke made a personal attack at David at the last Tribal Council.


On the other hand, everything counting against Ken's winner chances is all 100% from lack. None of his content you can point to and say shouldn't be there. It's just there's not enough content.


No confessionals for 4 episodes in a row.
Not much mention in episode recaps.

But edgic should always be done from the meat and bones-- the substance first. And then only after you look at what IS there that should NOT be there can you then look at what is MISSING and use that to count against players.

So this is the biggest point in favor for Ken's edit and why people have still not let Ken's edit go. The only thing counting against Ken is lack of content, but all the content he has gotten is good.

Remember the traditional edgic adage: NO content is ALWAYS better than BAD content! A lot of us, including TWG and myself ascribe to this view. This is why we have still not let Ken go yet. Because none of the content that Ken has received has been bad.
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