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PM sent.

The daily/weekly "episodes" just take over the feed so yeah it gives you access to all of it. The daily is just a quick 5 minute recap with the a voiceover and a few DR snippets. The site I sent you has a very helpful schedule right there on the page so you know when key times are.

Theres an adjustment to get used to the new format but once you do its fun. The nom(now safety) ceremony is funny they just all wear boxes around their necks that light up (like restaurant pagers when your table is ready) when they are safe. The HOH is locked upstairs and pushes a button to activate the one they want. Half were saved in round 1 last night. The rest tonight.

These hamsters seem to always be awake even long after the mandatory awake time but they are most entertaining at night.

Everyone is pretty likeable except the HOH guy. Hes obnoxious and slightly delusional.
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