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I am actually enjoying this quite a bit. The cast is a little too southern (not that theres anything wrong with southerners) with only 3 or 4 of them not being from the south. They are a pretty diverse group though and seem more "normal" than recent tv casts. A few older than 25 people and no models/actors. Its definitely a low budget version but that makes it kinda cool. It reminds alot of very early seasons before it became a production and was just a social experiment reality show. We've been fished very few times for just a minute or so for singing etc. They seem to have really drilled into them about that because they constantly remind each other if someone starts. The first HOH comp is underway, its basically a game of tag and last person not tagged will be HOH. We haven't gotten live DRs yet which I'm looking forward to. Mandatory awake times have nixed the constant napping so lots of interactions. Alliances forming already. Its fun to finally get to see move-in and the earliest moments we haven't gotten to see before. Overall I am kind of excited about this. I wasnt sure how I would feel about it but they have addressed most of the problems feeders have with the broadcast show feeds to make it pretty enjoyable so far.
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