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Good finale! Bridgettes vote surprised me the most. Nics reaction was fun. She really does love the game so in that regard its cool that she won. Interesting a girl has never beat a guy at the end until now. Super happy for Vic.

The red dot comp was cute. The new guy they got to do the comps this year did well. Though I'm still a little peeved at no face morph and super early OTEV.

Jason went out too early on 17. He was a victim of guilt by association with Day. He was pretty entertaining. I most remember him and Day figuring out the twin twist and his hilarious commentary on it. I would be glad to see him back. Jozea, no thanks.

Watching backyard interviews with Jeff now. Nothing really of note being said.

I'm in for BBOTT though I dont know for how long.
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