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Yes she does.....its weird and awkward but it happens.

Corey created an app. He explained all about it to Michelle (and others) early on. I didnt listen to the whole story because it was Corey and his stories last eons and rarely make sense. Its something to do with athletes/celebrities doing shout-outs or happy birthday messages on social media. So basically someone buys the app and then pays for whichever athlete they want to give the shout out and they facilitate it. I think its a partnership with him and his best friend who is a big name major league baseball player. I forget the friends name right now but he speaks of him often so if anyone cares the info is out there. The app is called fan connexion. It has some sort of tie in to charity as well but I dont know all the specifics on that.

I dont know the name of the bar but he has said it. From the sounds of it, its a pretty popular bar and he is the eye candy bartender. I'm guessing its somewhere near the A&M campus. James had heard of it when he and Corey talked about it and have post show plans for James to come in on ladies night and Corey will hook him up. That caused a tiff between James/Nat awhile ago.
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