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Corey has met Clay once or twice. At least thats what he said early on when asked about it, that they had been introduced but didn't travel in the same crowd. So yeah possible but not probable. It could well be just a Texas thing, James and Corey are both very proud of their home state and do play it up to each other so that actually makes the most sense to me.

I know during the McGyver comp production was coaching all of them and the comp designer confirmed it on twitter. They all talked about getting help from production. Obviously that throws some doubt about fairness but I suspect that happens way more than we realize. Thats one thing I'm looking forward to during the new seasons is actually getting to see how much manipulation happens during the comps.

Nic has given us fake feed convos more than once. The first time I saw was several weeks ago and she did do it again about James this week. Its annoying but I get why DR would push for that. She also seems to do it during extracurricular activities with Corey to distract from the movement under the covers. I find that to be very weird.
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