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I don't think Corey actually was part of a pregame alliance...but some think it's suspicious that he is a friend of Clay from last season, I think played baseball with him in TX, where James is now living. So it's possible they've met under the radar.

And as the game finishes, he could merely be "Texans forever" or somesuch Texan nonsense. I know that's a thing, almost like the Pittsburgh thing everywhere. (I think Pittsburgh has more Steeler bars outside of its home city than any other NFL city - sports fans are crazier than geek fans I think.)


The bigger conspiracy rumors, with EvelDick fuel to the fire, is about Production coaching Corey thru the escape room comp thru his ear piece. And Nicole talking about how she has conversations to provide "Mom and Dad" with TV footage, even when she doesn't really mean it. Apparently, she had to explain to Corey one day that their whole conversation of her doubting some strategy they had planned (I don't think it was about James, but that could fit here) was because "Mom and Dad" (The diary room / production folks) wanted footage of her playing devil's advocate to promote suspense in the edited TV show. Feedsters were really pissed.
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