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I do recall early on Corey discussing his meds. He said he did have an official diagnosis but hadn't been taking it regularly before coming into the house. He did say he took it regularly during his school/baseball career though. I forget the exact wording but it was his choice to not bring it with him when he entered the house and he planned on just not taking it but then when he decided he wanted it they wouldnt give it to him without talking to his dr. I wouldnt be surprised if production pushed a script through for him to focus him for the end but I dont think theres anything shady about him actually getting it now. Sure it helps productions agenda but I do think he has legit reasons for being on it.

Nat was in the same boat. She didn't get hers early on either and started getting it about the same time Corey started getting his. Thats about the time Nats comp skills improved dramatically.

I would be shocked if Corey was a part of the pre game alliance. I haven't gotten any inkling of that except for Coreys seemingly sudden determination to take James to F3. I dont recall James/Corey even talking much for the entire game until last week. Then strangely he got very high on James and was adamant to Nic that James HAD to be their F3 even as Nic tried to give him scenarios where keeping James would backfire. Corey was having none of it and even got a little snippy with Nic for playing devils advocate. A little fishy but I just figured Corey thinks he can beat James easier than Vic and maybe a little coaching from the DR. It would be a fun reveal for the jury on finale night though if it were true.

Corey does have those weird blank eyes.

Vic did not take his nomination very well. Things are still a little bit tense but theres been no major blowups. Everyone just awaiting veto....
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