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Oh I didnt mean the edit was making her look bad she did that on her own but she was getting a very different edit until recently. I just wonder what caused the sudden shift in the edit.

She was being a bitch to James but the big blowup we saw tonight came on the heels of megaphone guy screaming over the wall about Nic/James. Nat heard it and presumably turned up her bitchiness causing James to try and defend himself. We heard megaphone guy then we got fish and when feeds came back we just heard James venting to the others about the huge fight they had. Her behavior was uncalled for but not totally unprovoked. They made up last night with James giving Nat a massage so alls well that ends well I guess lol.

James seems much lighter now that she is gone.

Comp was fun with lots of hamster wipeouts. Corey won it by a landslide with Nic a far off 2nd. Paul/James never really got into the comp. They were just standing around at the end watching Corey.

Corey is planning to put up Paul/Vic.

Happy for Jeff/Jordan she did seem very different tonight. She even looked different to me. I had serious doubts about them making it work for a long time, glad to be wrong on this one.
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