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Board Rules
TVBuzz Board Rules/Updated August 22, 2009

  • No 'poster bashing' - if it gets personal you will be banned immediately.

  • No 'flaming' - in other words, avoid personal attacks, pettiness, abuse. Respect other users, and if you disagree with them, explain why.

  • No 'trolling' - trolls are posts deliberately designed to provoke an angry response. That doesn't mean you can't be controversial, if you really mean it.

  • Be aware that TVBuzz gives a great deal of latitude in criticizing characters and actors. They are public figures, and accept that they will sometimes be the target of sarcastic, critical, even rude behavior. Only very extreme cases of actor or character bashing will be addressed.

  • Avoid typing in ALL CAPS, which is considered shouting or yelling. Do not change font size, type or color. Those are reserved for Admins, Mods & Contributors.

  • No spam, advertising or soliciting!

While we appreciate your input, the mods are very busy. Before Emailing or PMing any of the staff please read the above Board Rules. Please note that the staff will only take action under extreme circumstances. Posters are expected to behave in a mature fashion, and that includes being able to accept the immaturity, rudeness, and stupidity of others....

If you believe your issue is an example of *extreme circumstances* please PM me.